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right now i’m at a strange point in my life. i am so young and naive and i probably don’t know half of the things that i preach but what i do know its that i find i can see people as if they are transparent. i know dishonesty and i know love. my best friend is literally the best thing that has happened to me, normally i wouldn’t go on about stuff like this but she really is uniquely herself. what you see is what you get. without her knowing i do admire her and when i’m with her it’s a silent acknowlgement that we are more than friends, we are blood. it’s something rare and special within itself and i know that people might not understand why i’m not saying this all about about a boy who i fell in love with but the truth is in the most platonic way i love my best friend and she is a mad bastard. baraclava bad ass bitches till we die. 




wish these still happened


always wanted this to be a first date

Ian Curtis’ lyrics for She’s lost control

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